Quick money spell

Quick money spell

It’s Thursday!

A great time for money spells. Sometimes, you’re not asking for money just for the sake of having money, as sometimes you need money to pay a bill.

I recommend that you do this spell on a Thursday, and in the hour of Jupiter.

You need:

•Green candle

•Cinnamon oil

•A bill

•Patchouli incense

This spell requires good visualization.

Take a green candle and anoint it with cinnamon oil.

Take the bill or write on a piece of paper the amount of a bill you owe and whom it is to. You will need a candle that can burn for 7 days.

Place the paper under the candle.

Hold your hands over the candle and say:

“This candle burns to light the way for the money I need to pay this bill in a way that harms no one.”

Light the candle and burn patchouli incense. Meditate for about 5 minutes as the candle burns. Visualize yourself writing the check or purchasing the money order for this bill and putting it in the mail. Burn the candle every day around the same time for 7 days and 15 minutes at a time.

Also, burn patchouli incense every day too with the candle.

On the last day, burn the paper with the flame from the candle and let the candle burn completely out.

Let me know if this works for you, or if you modified this spell, what did you do?

A spell to eliminate personal poverty

A spell to eliminate personal poverty

This spell is modern-day adaptation of an ancient formula, this spell ensures that you always have the necessities of life, such as somewhere to stay and enough to eat. Because it becomes part of your everyday environment, you simply need to refresh the ingredients when you feel the time right.

Easy money spell to bring you the money you need

Easy money spell to bring you the money you need

Discover how you can drastically improve your life through the use of simple money spells. Money spells are something I’ve used with great success. If you can learn to think of yourself as rich instead of poor, money will begin to flow into your life.

When you say or think statements such as, “I can’t afford this,” or “I’ll never get ahead in life,” you’re surrounding yourself with an energy that attracts poverty and financial struggle to your life. It’s very important to think of yourself as fortunate, blessed, and even wealthy if you wish to genuinely become these things. It’s basically the concept of “Fake it till you make it.” It’s not that you want to lie to others about how much money you make. You just want to be optimistic.

Stay focused on what you DO want as opposed to what you don’t want or don’t have.

Watch the movie The Secret to learn more about the law of attraction and how to use it in your life. That movie really changed my life, I’m not kidding.

The spell below goes to a very helpful money ritual or money spell kit, that describes a simple and effective money spell plus that will give you the products you need to do the money magick spell. It will provide you with the green candles, charcoal discs, a talisman, and herbs – to do the spell daily for 7 days.

If you would like to make your own money drawing incense, then make your mixture from the following herbs that are own to work with money spells. These money drawing herbs include:


The spell kit shown actually has a spell included for you to try, but I am also giving you another spell incantation here.

You will need:


See yourself enjoying life with the things money has brought you. Visualize what you want, chanting the following as many times as you need to get focused and in state of mind:

“These candles bring me wealth and riches.”

“In no way will this spell cause me to suffer any adverse effects!”

When finished, extinguish the flame with a spoon, candle snuffer, or your fingers.

Begin this spell on Sunday, Thursday, or Friday as these days honor the sun, Jupiter, and Venus respectively.

Re-light the candles every night until they are completely burned down. Daily repetition will increase the spell’s effectiveness and your own prosperity consciousness.

Best wishes to you and those whom you love! I truly hope you’ll be prosperous and blessed in your life


The Money Mojo Bag Spell

The Money Mojo Bag Spell

This very basic money-attraction bag works on the theory that like attracts like — to put it simply, money attracts more money.  Will you use it to get out debt? Pay a bill? Have a little bit of extra grocery money?

Feel free to change the wording of the spell to suit your own needs if necessary – it’s a bit fluffy and simplistic, but it’s worked for me in the past. As always, use your best judgment.

You will need the following:

  • A silver candle and a gold candle
  • A small cloth pouch with a drawstring
  • A handful of play money (either bills or coins) of different denominations
  • A taglock (magical link) for yourself (hair, nail clippings, etc)
  • Ginger (for power and success)
  • Nutmeg (for prosperity)
  • Option to add cloves.

Prepare your workspace as you normally do – if you wish to cast a circle, go ahead.

Light the two silver candles on either side of your space, so that you are working between them. As you light them say:

“Gold and silver, silver and gold, make money come and dollars unfold.”

Place your play money and the taglock into the bag. As you do this, think about yourself and the money being together. You might even rub the magical link and the money against each other as you place them in the mojo bag.


“Cast from necessity, not from greed, all I’m asking is for what I need.”

Place the ginger and the nutmeg in the bag, and focus on success and prosperity coming your way.

Hold the bag in your hands and say:

“Tens and twenties, fives and ones, as I will, it shall be done.”

Now, take a moment to think about what you will do with the money that comes your way.

Allow the candles to burn out on their own.

Place the bag in a safe place where it will be undisturbed, and out of sight.

Results from this one seem to come in very odd ways, but so far it has worked every time for me.

Write me and tell me your results!

Love & Light!

Easy money magic spells: 9 Day Money Spell

Easy money magic spells: 9 Day Money Spell

Hoodoo magic is a beautiful way to work a magic spell. Especially a money magic spell. I love this spell for its simplicity and the effectiveness. And we can all do with a few more dollars in our wallets.

You will need

  • a Green Candle
  • a White Candle
  • oil

The Green candle represents the money, and the white candle represents you. Make sure you annoint the candles with oil first, thinking of your desire for money to come to you. Set the candles on your alter or table 9 inches apart.

After doing this say:

Money, money come to me
In abundance three times three
May I be enriched in the best of ways
Harming none on its way
This I accept,
so mote it be
Bring me money three times three!


Repeat this for nine days and each day move the white candle one inch closer to the green candle. When the candles touch, your spell is finished.

Make sure you visualize the money pouring in from the universe