Monday’s Thank you spell

Monday’s Thank you spell

You need:

•Any silver items

•A nosegay of white flowers

•A bowl of fruit

•A dish of coins

•A crystal of snow quartz or an opal

•One white altar candle

•One silver taper candle

Spells expressing gratitude are best cast on Mondays during Pisces when the moon is waxing or full. Wearing white clothes reinforces the expression of thanks being offered.

The first five things on the list should be on your altar while you cast this spell to represent the things you are thankful. Light the white candle and as it burns meditate on it. Give silent thanks for the gifts you have received and for which you are saying thank you. Now light the silver candle, rise to your full height and bringing your hands high above your head, say:

“By the light of the sacred flame,

I thank you for the magic cast in your name.

And let it be done, that it harm no one.”

With thanks in your heart, watch the candle flame until it flickers and dies, then close your ritual as you usually do and leave your sacred space.

White Magic Commitment Spell

White Magic Commitment Spell

To strengthen attraction

If you love someone but feel that they are not reciprocating, try this spell. Be aware though, that by using this spell you are trying to have a direct effect upon the other person. You are using representational magic because the hair stands for the person you are hoping to influence.

You will need


  1. Light the incense.
  2. Repeat the name of the one you long for, saying each time:

[Name] love me now.

  1. Hold the hair on the burning incense until it frizzles away.
  2. As the hair burns, think of their indifference dissipating and being replaced by passion.
  3. Leave the incense to burn out.
  4. Before you perform this you should have tried to work out why the other person feels indifferent and consider whether what you are proposing is appropriate. If, for instance, the person you want to
    attract has not learnt how to commit to a relationship, it would be unfair to try and influence them.

Love spell

Apples in Love Magick Spells

Apples in Love Magick Spells

Using Apples in Love Magick Spells

A natural Witch has an appreciation of nature and an awareness of the magickal energies present in all things. This kinship with the unseen world is at the heart of Witchcraft. It is also the foundation of all magickal work.

In this post, I will offer you two spells you can try for yourself to bring a little love into your life. The first spell is more witchcraft oriented, and the second has a hoodoo influence. The beauty of having a world of knowledge online means we can all learn a few extra tricks and diversify our magick!

Apple Love Spell 1

The following spell aimed to strengthening the bond between couples.


Here are the instructions on what to say and what to do to perform this spell.
Apple, apple, red as blood (cut the apple in half)
As two become, two hearts in one (apples have a five-pointed star in their centers)
I call to each one from afar
A herb for her, a herb for him (a cut is made and a herb is inserted)
A touch of fire to seal it in (light a candle from a taper)
Bind with the cord to make them one (tie around with scarlet cord)
As I will, so be it done (bury the apple in the ground)

Apple Love Spell 2

If you would like to read up on Natural Witchcraft or Cottage Witchcraft, you could begin with these 3 books listed below. If you have a better recommendation, we would welcome your suggestion.

Recommended books:

0738709220 Natural Witchery: Intuitive, Personal & Practical Magick
Ellen Dugan


0738703184 Garden Witchery: Magick from the Ground Up
Ellen Dugan


0875421229 Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs (Llewellyn’s Sourcebook Series) (Cunningham’s Encyclopedia Series)

#1 Best Seller in Wicca

By Scott Cunningham



Good luck and let us know your success!


May the fruit of our lives be bound and sealed to Thee,
O Mother, O Woman Eternal
who holdest the inmost life of each of Thy daughters
between the hands upon Her Heart

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~We swear by Peace and Love to stand,
Heart to Heart and Hand to Hand.
Mark, O Spirit, and hear us now,
confirming this, our Sacred Vow.
~Druidic Prayer of Unity~
White Magic Spell to Remove Problems

White Magic Spell to Remove Problems

A lover’s token

This bottle is quite a nice one to give to your lover as a token of your love and to intensify the link between you. The herbs are all well known for their association with love, and because of the link between the bottles should help you to communicate.

You will need

For each token:
•    A HANDFUL OF CRUSHED, DRIED ROSE PETALS (preferably from flowers given to you by your lover)
•    DRIED/FRESH ROSEMARY (for love and strength)
•    WAX (pink or red is good for love)

Crush the rose petals and place in the bottles.
Put in the rosemary and/or lavender, then add the oil or rose water almost to the top, leaving some room for air to circulate.
Cork the bottle and drip wax over the cork to seal the bottle.

Lay the ribbon on a flat surface.
Place the bottles one at either end of the ribbon.
Gradually move them towards one another along the ribbon to signify you coming together with your lover.

When they meet, tie the ribbon round your partner’s bottle and give it to them.
Place yours on a shelf, dresser or anywhere where it will not be disturbed.

These bottles are tangible evidence of the link between you and your lover. You may use them to remind you of the good times or soothe you in the bad. The ribbon signifies the link between you, so when you think of it you have immediately connected.


Rosa De La Fortuna (Rose of the Fortune) oil