Love Prayer

Love Prayer

One of my favorite psychotherapists passed away recently.

Love Prayer

(with a tip of the hat to Coleman Barks)

Oh, God(dess)
Grant me Love!

Please, make it simply
Make it crack and melt the hard places
Where I am so sure of myself.

Make it stiffen and enliven the weak places
Where I am uncertain, ignorant,
and secretly afraid.

And please make it horribly “inappropriate”
So I must really know you in myself,
Myself in you,
To give up everything that is not love
(Because it is so hard to do it willingly. . .)

I pray this
Knowing it will ruin me.

Let me be ruined by love,
So that I may come back to you
Without pride, or stupidity,
– Or pretense, or opinions –

or any sense of separation –

Like a lover,
Hungry and ecstatically full
All at the same time!

-Jeremy Taylor, United States
Sacred Poems and Prayers of Love, 1998