Job interview success spell

Job interview success spell

If you have an important job interview coming up, the power of this spell could boost your chances of success.

You need:

•Some silver tinted leaves, like silver birch

•Your career resume, educational certificates

•The ad describing the job you want

•One white altar candle

•One silver taper candle

Do it on a Wednesday, when the moon is waxing, but not waning. If the interview has been scheduled for the weeks when either Gemini or Virgo rule, so much the better.

Almond blossom makes an appropriate altar adornment and if you have a silver cloth at hand, then use it. If not, an indigo one will do almost as well. Amethyst or tiger’s eye are the most suitable crystals, and a bowl of dill on the altar will add potency to the magic being made.

Light the white candle and, focusing on the flame, spend a minute or two meditating on the job you want. See yourself shaking hands with the interviewer and imagine yourself doing the job successfully. Ask your favorite deity or deities to smile on your endeavors before lighting the silver candle. Standing in front of the altar, with your arms at full stretch above your head, say:

“The job I want is in my ken.

Make me first among all men,

May those who interview me see,

That the one they need is me.

And let it be done, that it harm no one.”

As the candles burn down, again see yourself doing the job until the flames flicker and die or time runs out and you have to snuff them out. Thank the elements for their presence and bring the ritual to an end.