Dark Moon – Voodoo & Blood Binding Spell

Dark Moon – Voodoo & Blood Binding Spell

Binding Spell

The purpose of this spell is to rid yourself of the negative energies of someone who is mentally or emotionally abusing you. If done properly, it will not harm the object of the spell nor will it affect his or her daily life in any way. It will simply make the person powerless to mentally or emotionally harm you.

Preform when Moon is dark


Small cloth doll,(poppet) leave the head unstitched until you are ready to begin the ritual Needle and thread

Some personal item from the person you want to bind (fingernail clippings, hair, handwriting sample)

Black ribbon

Black candle

Cauldron or other fireproof container

Sterilized needle

Piece of parchment paper and pen or quill

One candle at each quarter (optional)


Call the quarters – I like to use candles at each quarter to form a circle of fire for extra protection. Light the black candle Concentrating deeply on the person you are binding, place the personal object inside the head of the doll and sew it shut.

Tie the black ribbon around the poppet’s head, signifying the binding of that person.

moon blood spell

‘With harm to none, my will be done

I hereby bind you (name of person)

Your words cannot harm me

Your thoughts cannot harm me

You cannot harm me’

Continue chanting this or something like it until you feel power surging through you. Visualize the person helpless to slander or verbally and mentally abuse you while you are chanting.

~ Now, to bind the spell ~

If you have a sigil or a craft name, sign it on the small piece of paper. If not, sign your own full name. If others are working the ritual with you, they too should sign the paper.

With the sterilized needle, prick one of your fingers and put a small drop of blood over your signature. Again, if others are working with you, they should place a drop of blood over their signatures. (using a different needle, of course)

Fold the paper, light it on fire and drop it into the cauldron (which should be on a heat-proof surface!).

Meditate on the flames until the paper completely burns away.

If you are working with a group, join hands at this point and feel the power surging around the circle as the spell is bound. Ground and center

Release the circle. Thank the Goddess and God for their protection and power Bury the doll as far away from you as possible within the next few days.

Making a Voodoo Doll to Attract Love

How to Breath Life into a Voodoo Doll

I think the most important part of making a voodoo doll, is when you “bring the doll” to life!. You tell your baby – “Wake up, it’s time to go to work for me. I have something for you for you to do.”

When you create a voodoo doll to represent a person in a spell, you have to magically link it to the person whom it represents.

For example you can:

  • Sewing a hair of the person into it,
  • stuffing the person’s name-paper into its head,
  • gluing a photo of the person’s face on the voodoo face

Once the doll is complete, the doll must be told who it is!

I was taught how to do this years ago by a guy named “Arthur” in Sydney Australia. His father has brought him to Australia as a boy from Africa. The family were all practicing healers of sorts. He called this process or spell: “baptising the dollie.”

He held the voodoo doll in his left hand on its back, drew a cross over it in the air with his right index and middle finger (like a Christian blessing gesture), and then held his open, slightly cupped right hand, palm down, in the air over it, but not touching it, as he said:

[John Doe] you are,
[downward stroke of cross on name]
And [John Doe] to me
[cross-stroke of sross on name]
You will always be.
[hand pauses, then over dollie for next part]
You will think what i tell you to think,
Walk where i tell you to walk,
Talk when i tell you to talk,
Do what i tell you to,
Go where i send you,
And speak when you’re spoken to.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Another time when i asked this man to repeat the spell, he baptised the dollie with a different speech, spoken with more angry conviction:


[John Doe] you are,
[downward stroke of cross on name]
And [John Doe] to me
[cross-stroke of sross on name]
You will always be.
[hand pauses, then over dollie for next part]
From this time henceforward,
You will go where i send you …
And i’m gon’ send you to *Hell*
In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


Thus i came to understand that after the first three spoken lines with the drawing of the cross, he improvised or rapped the rest of the baptism depending upon the circumstances. There was no one set way he would say it, as there is among the German and British folks with their carefully memorized spoken rhymes.

I have adapted his form and i use it with success, modifying it on the spot as the need arises, to baptise both love-dolls and destruction dolls.

And speaking of love-dolls — that’s something many folks don’t know enough about, because the books on “spooky voodoo” focus mostly on sticking pins into dolls.

Several years ago, i was taught a very nice binding love-doll spell by a young woman. She baptised the voodoo doll by saying:

You are [John Doe],
in the name of the Father,
the Son,
and the Holy Ghost,

Then she wrapped it up in her soiled underpants and, as she did so, she talked very sweetly to it like this,


“[Johnny], honey, i’m gonna let you in my panties now.
That’s where you’re gonna stay. I’m gonna cover up your
eyes [covering doll’s head with the underwear] so you
can’t look at no other woman. You just gonna stay in
my panties, [Johnny], until i let you loose. “

The underwear was tied in a knot around the doll and the
doll hidden where the man could not find it. At intervals
she would take the doll out, she said, and kiss it,
sweet-talk to it, and rub it on her breasts to love it up.
Then she would re-wrap it in the underwear and put it away.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to bring your voodoo dolls to life! If you have a different technque, please let me know.

I am also putting together a new Voodoo Doll lesson for 2015 right now, and it should be ready by Nov 1.

Blessed be,

Witch S.

Making a poppet – “Handmade Voodoo Doll”

Making a poppet – “Handmade Voodoo Doll”

When you are making a poppet, it is good to have either taken a ritual purification bath or to have meditated both on whether the use of a poppet is appropriate at this time and how best to make use of the poppet. This is to ensure that you have removed any subjective feelings and emotions about the subject and are acting only as the creator of the object. You know that you are acting only as the channel for the energy that is being used.


You will need

  • PAPER OR CARD (to act as a template)


making a poppetMethod

  1. Draw the outline of a simple human figure on the card or paper, then cut it out. (It should ideally be at least four inches high.)
  2. Fold the material in two and place the template on it.
  3. Cut around the template.
  4.  Sew the figures together, leaving a small area open.
  5. Turn the figure inside out so the stitches are on the inside.
  6.  Stuff the figure with the straw, paper, cotton wool or herbs. You can personalize the poppet by adding a lock of hair to the filling.
  7. You can also use buttons for eyes or draw on facial features if you wish.
  8. Finish sewing the material together.


Your poppet is now ready for use. Do not destroy it when you have finished with it – either give it to the person whom it represents or bury it safely in the earth.


A warning about the Ouija board

A warning about the Ouija board

Hello Little Witches & Spell Lovers

From your friendly Black Witch


What a crazy month last month was! So many of you having a crazy ol time with the voodoo dolls. I am totally amazed at the result that some of you achieved. And see….no body got hurt! And if they did…well I am sure you wrote in your BOS the reasons why you did the spell to justify any bad karma. If you are unsure about this, write in and ask me.

So this month the white witches were upset about the NON STOP requests to find out about the good ol Ouija Boards. None of the white witches would ever use such a board. Infact, they would probably do a nasty spell or two if you tried to bring one in their home.

So do I use a Ouija Board?

Yes…I do.

The board is used to channel spirits…..its my communication gateway to the other astral planes and so on. In my tradition, we use a Ouija board for divinatory work so well.

I will not tell you too much information here, as while it is wildly exciting for me and extremely helpful in the work I do, it IS VERY DARK and dangerous. If you want to know more, then email me ad I will share.

I have a LONG LONG LONG family history in this art, and so I am protected by agreements and boundaries set for my family and myself, even before my time. I am guessing you have not had the same family background as me.

Most often the spirits whom are contacted through the Ouija are those whom reside on “the lower astral plane”. These spirits are often very confused and may have died a violent or sudden death; murder, suicide, etc. Therefore, many violent, negative and potentially dangerous conditions are present to those using the board. Often times several spirits will attempt to come through at the same time but the real danger lies when you ask for physical proof of their existence!

You might say, “Well, if you’re really a spirit, then put out this light or move that object!” What you have just done is simple, you have “opened a doorway” and allowed them to enter into the physical world and future problems can and often do arise.

First and foremost, if you are going to use a Ouija board, then you need to know what you are getting into. A Ouija board is not a toy. I, personally, do not think it should be used for fun or for entertainment. You must bare in mind that in using a Ouija board, that you are drawing someone from beyond the grave to come and have a conversation with you.

You have to be very careful in who you are calling to come and visit you. There are certain people you should never call on, such as those who had committed suicide. I know many of us question why someone would kill themselves and it might seem like a good idea to question that person directly with a Ouija board, but people who have killed themselves are not stable ghosts.

I have never personally seen any mishaps while calling on a suicide victim because I have never been to a calling for one, but my grandmother assures me it is not pretty. Murders are also a bad idea to call back. For one, they are going to be a dark and evil presence, which will most likely lead to a diabolical presence (a demon haunting). I would suggest not calling a person who died by violent means either, and that can stretch a wide definition on what is ‘violent means’.

Personally, I do not feel any person new to the craft should be using the board. I can’t believe they sell it in toy shops. But if you NEED to, do so in a group, not by yourself, protect yourself, and prepare your questions in advance.

Remember, you are a toy in their world.


Lady Hannah

Voodoo Spell Preparations

Voodoo Spell Preparations

Voodoo Baths

As with other religious traditions, water is a prominent element in Voodoo witchcraft, rituals and ceremonies. Spiritual cleansing, baptism, divination and many other rituals are dependent on water, which is believed to have the ability of absorb and transform negative energies.

Voodoo magic has evolved rapidly in Louisiana, amongst the black community. Under the conditions of poverty, constant monitoring and partial loss of spiritual communication, potions were not always created for magical rituals that were performed. Today is a different era, where it is quite simple to buy needed liquids in pharmacies, botanical and esoteric stores in Louisiana. It is still recommended to create your own potions, though.

Cleaning baths have always gotten special attention in the traditions of Voodoo. They are encouraged to take when you feel the approach of danger, anxiety, depression or wish to relieve fatigue. They can also be useful if you want to restore mental balance after a bad accident.

Cleansing bath recipes differ by the purpose of each bath. Before taking such a bath, certain preparation is needed:

  • Water gets enchanted by speaking to Voodo spirits (Loa) or praying to Catholic saints.
  • Before going into the bath, pour some water on yourself from head to toe, while calling all of your problems out loud.
  • Be inside of the bath no less than 15 minutes, but longer than 30 minutes. During this time you can meditate, imagining how you get rid of all your problems.
  • When releasing the water, imagine how your problems and worries go away with the water.
  • Clean the bath with salt water after each session. Use plain salt only if you don’t have sea salt.

Before making cleaning procedures, wash yourself with soap and water in a regular bath. Don’t use soap with cleansing herbs. After cleaning yourself, let your body dry in fresh air, don’t use a towel.

Voodoo Purification Ceremony

The purification ceremony is conducted as a preparation for a ritual. In this ceremony, you need to clean the future Voodoo doll components, ingredients and tools before crafting the doll. This will remove or neutralize unwanted energies within the materials and objects. After performing a spell, you can recharge the doll for future use. This is a crucial and important step as a preparation for the ritual, without it your actions may become meaningless or even dangerous.

In order to create a Voodoo doll, many different materials are required, some of which are not taken directly from nature such as beads, buttons, fabric, thread, glue, paint etc. Think about the number of people who touched these materials from the manufacturing stage onwards. This is why it is important to purify and cleanse everything before starting a ritual.

This doesn’t apply to items received from your spiritual guide or from the church are not needed to be purified. You only need to add your energy to these items.

The purification ceremony can be performed in various ways:

Purification with salt

This can be done by cleaning your dolls with water, with dissolved sea salt or raw stone salt.

Purification with incense

Burn the incense while the Voodoo doll is placed on top of the smoke in order to absorb it.

Bathe in sandalwood oil.

Direct energy transfer from the person who performs the ceremony to the doll.

Earth Purification

The Voodoo dolls is buried in the ground in order for it to receive the energies of Mother Earth.