Change Appearance Spell

Change Appearance Spell

You need:

•1 pink candle

This spell is to give the illusion of a change in appearance.

Recite the following words while looking into the flame of a pink candle:

“Blazing fire As you dance

Call upon My sacred glance.

Call upon My second sight

Give me (fill in what you want)

With your light.

Blazing fire Shinning bright

Give me now My second sight.”

A spell to Overcome your shadows

A spell to Overcome your shadows

Overcoming your shadows

This spell, which signifies letting go the hurts of the past in a way that allows you to move forward with fresh energy into the future, can be performed at the time of the New Moon. By carrying it out every new moon you are gradually able to cleanse yourself of the detritus of the past, often as far back as childhood.

sage smudge sick
You will need
•    BELL

Cast your circle using the smudge stick or incense to ‘sweep’ the space as you move around the circle clockwise.
Think of your space as being dome-shaped over your head and cleanse that space too.

Ring the bell.
With your arms raised, palms facing upwards, acknowledge the Goddess and

Great Goddess,
Queen of the Underworld,
Protector of all believers in you,
It is my will on this night of the new moon
To overcome my shadows and bring about change.
I invite you to this my circle to assist and protect me in my rite.

Hold your athame or knife in your hands in acknowledgement of the God
and say:

Great God,
Lord of the Upper realms,
Friend of all who work with you,
It is my will on this night of the new moon
To overcome my shadows to bring about change.
I invite you to my circle to assist me and protect me in my rite.

Light the candle and say:

Behind me the darkness,

in front of me the light

As the wheel turns,

I know that every end is a beginning.

I see birth, death and regeneration.

Spend a little time in quiet thought. If you can remember a time either in the last month or previously when times have not been good for you, concentrate on that.
While the candle begins to burn properly remember what that time felt like.

Now concentrate on the candle flame and allow yourself to feel the positivity of the light.
Pick up the candle and hold it high above your head.
Feel the energy of the light shower down around you, the negativity drain away.

Now draw the power of the light into you and feel the energy in every pore.

Pass the candle around you and visualize the energy building up.
If you wish, say:

Let the light cast out darkness.

Now ground yourself by partaking of the food and drink.

Thank the God and Goddess for their presence.

Withdraw the circle .

This is a very personal way for you to acknowledge the God and Goddess in your everyday life. While on first acquaintance it appears to be a protection technique, it is actually one to enhance your energies and to allow you to be healthy and happy in all levels of existence.

Ensure to write your process and experience in your Book of Shadows.

book of shadows

A spell to Disperse negative emotion

A spell to Disperse negative emotion

Disperse negative emotion

Here is a simple technique for dealing with negative energies such as anger and resentment.

It uses the Elements and their qualities in a very positive way. The circle of light links with spirit, the dark stone represents Earth and the water acts in its cleansing capacity.

You will need


  1. Visualize a circle of light around yourself.
  2. Hold the dark stone in your hands. Place it over your solar plexus.
  3. Allow the negative emotion, perhaps anger and resentment, to flow into the stone. Try to decide what colour the emotion is, and how it arose in the first place. It sometimes helps to counteract such an emotion by changing its colour
  4. Raise the stone first to your forehead to signify clarity.
  5. Then place it over your heart (this helps to raise the healing vibration to the correct level)
  6. If it seems right use words such as:With this stone
    Negative be gone,
    Let water cleanse it
    Back where it belongs.

    This reinforces the idea of the stone holding your anger.

  7.  Concentrate & project all your negative emotion (Anger, resentment etc) into the stone.
  8. Visualize the emotion being sealed inside the stone.
  9. Now with all your energy, take the stone to a source of running water in the open air.It also helps if you can get up to a high place to throw your stone away, since this way you are using Air as well.


IDEA: Sculpted of black onyx in this case, a worry stone is part of a tradition originating in Ancient Greece. Rub it while cupping it in your hand to help your worries ease.
Healing the body spell with Archangel Raphael

Healing the body spell with Archangel Raphael

Healing the body

This spell works on a simple principle, that of identifying within the body whether the pain it is suffering is physical, emotional or, as is often the case, has a more deep-rooted spiritual component.

It uses visualization and color as its vehicles and calls on Raphael the Archangel of Healing for help.

You will need

Draw three concentric circles.
The inner one should be purple, the middle yellow and the outer red.

Add a circle for the head and lines for the legs, so you have drawn a representation of yourself.

Now, thinking of any health difficulties you have, with the black marker put a small mark on the drawn ‘body’ to represent that pain.

Keep your pen in contact with the paper and ask Raphael for help.
You might say:

Raphael, Raphael Angel of ease
Help me to understand this pain please

You should find that your mark is closer to one circle than the other.
Remembering that this method is not a self diagnostic tool at all – it is simply
designed to help you to come to terms with the pain or difficulty – note which
colour this is:

  • Red represents pain which is purely physical
  • Yellow usually signifies an emotional cause
  • Purple tends to have a more spiritual basis

Sit quietly and draw that color into yourself as though you were marking within your body where the pain is.
Next mentally flood that part of your body with white light.

For the next two days sit quietly and make the invocation to Raphael again.

Repeat the drawing in of color and the flooding with white light
At the end of that time you should begin to have an understanding of the causes of your pain and how your body is reacting to trauma.

It must be stressed that this method is not designed as a substitute for medical diagnosis. It is a method of pain management which links with subtle energies to bring about healing on different levels. You may need to explore further some of the insights this gives you.

Raphael is the archangel linked to healing. Here are some recommended products and oils to help you connect on a deeper level with Raphael.

Use this anointing oil to aid you in summoning and praying to Raphael, the archangel frequently revered and prayed to as the angel of healing.

Oil Raphael silver tailsman Raphael Ring Raphael Incense Sticks


A spell to change appearance.

A spell to change appearance.

Looking for a change appearence spell? Perhaps you want bigger boobs, or entice another?

I’m sure we have movies like The Craft and shows like Charmed to thank for this question 🙂 

Spells don’t change physical appearances. Glamour spells don’t work like that; glamour spells don’t change you physically, they merely change an outsider’s opinion of you in regards to physical appearance. 

I am a witch that uses glamour spells, and I  can get anyone to think I’m beautiful but it doesn’t change my physical appearance. 

Magick works slowly and in tune with nature. It isn’t natural to physically change your appearance. 

The only way to accomplish that feat is to pay for a plastic surgeon. 
Try your luck with this simple change appearance spell. 
You need:
•1 pink candle

This spell is to give the illusion of a change in appearance.

 Recite the following words while looking into the flame of a pink candle:
“Blazing fire As you dance

Call upon My sacred glance.

Call upon My second sight 

Give me (fill in what you want) 

With your light. 

Blazing fire Shinning bright 

Give me now My second sight.”

External beauty spell

External beauty spell

Black witch s and Lady Issa share this free Pagan beauty spell. 

You need:

•1 wine glass of water

•1 pinch of salt

•1 red candle

•1 light blue candle

•1 red rose (no scars or imperfections for best results)

•1 round hand-held mirror

Drop the pinch of salt into the glass of water saying:
“Beauty be within me. 

Beauty now set me free.”
Carve the symbol of sex into the red candle. Carve a mirror symbol into the light blue one. Light the two candles, first the light blue one and then the red. Lay the mirror between the two candles and scry into your reflection.
Drop the rose petals, one by one onto the mirror. Then drink the water and say:
“Beauty, beauty come to me.

Beauty, beauty set me free.”
Let the candles burn down all the way.