Abatha is the Good Witch of the east who lives in the land of Oz as in The Wizard of Oz.

Purrfect for the black cat, remember, they are after all witches in the day time!


Obstinate but charming.

Bagheera is a black panther, he hails from The Jungle Book


Black Jack is a persistently sticky little blighter. Obviously the right name for a black cat that has a very amorous nature.


Choo Choo or Chooch is a real suck up. You know the type they only want you at dinner time and then you are their best friend.

Topcat’s side kick in the animated series Topcat.


If you are a Diego you look fearsome but in reality you are a scaredy cat.

Diego is a Smildon or sabre tooth cat from the movie Ice Age.


As dark as the night time sky. At the time when these witches are at their most powerful so beware!


Feline with nine lives.

Felix is so famous he is featured in several animated series.

JABBA …as in Jabba The Hut

Cantankerous old fart. This is for the Star Wars fanatics.


Air head. A Jet black cat that has no common sense at all.

SANGOMA (sung-go-mu)

A Sangoma is a traditional witch doctor in Africa.(for real)


The one who takes advantage of any situation.


Tinker is the true black cat, the one who likes to lie by the fireside in the evening. Which by the way is why he is black, the fire has made him as black as a tinker’s pot.


Of royal linage. You know the type!

CHUKI (chew-key)

Cutey with a kick like a kung fu master.

Chuki stars in Cars she is a Japanese news reader by day and singer in band by night.


A duchess is a royal lady. The regal looking longer, haired Siamese relatives.

Duchess is from Aristocats

KIARA (key-ar-a)

The one that holds the key to your heart. Kiara or Ki-Ki, just a good name, for any of those kitties, that steal a piece of your heart.

KHAN …as in Shere Khan

The king of the hill. The ruler of the roost, the master of the bed…

From The Jungle book

MEI- LING (may-ling)

Charming Chinese warrior.

The ideal name for a kinda Siamese looking cat. Think of their outward beauty and grace but inside lies the true survivor.

PO …as in Master Po Ping

A Po is a lazy slacker.

Ku Fu Panda

SHIRA (she-ra)

Shira is an abbreviation from She Rocks.

Shira is the tough lady in Ice Age so this is suitable for those really cool mean ladies of the feline community.


Smart aleck with attitude.

In the Movie Incredible Journey Sassy is a hoity-toity Himalayan (which is a long haired Siamese.)

SHIFU …as in Master Shifu

Oh yea of the Zen gardens. This one is for the more laid back Siamese cat.

Shifu comes from the land of The Kung Fu Panda

TAO (tay-oh)

A Tao has the path to multiple personalities.

In the book Incredible Journey Tao is a svelte, majestic Siamese cat that has a bit of an identity crisis and actually behaves more like a dog.


Zazu is something that is full of hot air. Those Siamese cats that just go on and on and…

Lion King

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