A Moon Priestess honors her body and listens closely to what she needs. She listens to her intuition – it is her compass and voice of her Higher Self. She seeks to connect with the Divine in her own way. She feels a magnetic pull to Lady Moon and the nature all around her – she deeply wishes to connect and stay in-tuned with Mother Earth and her seasons, dancing around the wheel of life, despite living in an urban setting. She yearns for deep soul-sister connection. No comparing, just loving and celebrating together in sisterhood. She actively seeks this in the modern day world through online communities and close to her location.

By working with crystals, we can bring down the Feminine Divinity and celestial energy of the Moon into our earthly plane. It becomes tangible – something we can see and feel.

And what Moon Priestess doesn’t love pretty crystals?

How Moonstone works with us

Moonstone embodies the Divine Feminine and is related to the Sacral, Heart, Third-eye, and Crown chakras.

The Waxing and Full moon phases are her realm.

She helps to open ourselves to our own wisdom and intuition.

She also encourages us to delve deep with ourselves as we search for our truth, helping us to connect to our Goddess-within. She helps men to connect more with their feminine side for balance and wholeness. She brings calmness, openness, patience, and love to the wearer.

Physically, she helps to regulate our moon-time- lessening cramps, PMS, balancing the flow. Carry her in your pocket during your cycle and see how she eases discomfort.

Try this when you need to ease cramps or open up your sacral chakra:jpt910m-500x500

Anoint 1 or 2 moonstones with Clary Sage essential oil (for cramp pain), and then with your moonstone, massage your ovaries/ or sacral region in a spiral motion.

The spiral represents creation and the birthing cycle of life.

This can also stimulate your creativity and intuition.

Questions to think about:

  1. Do you honour your Goddess Within?
  2. How do you wish to honor the Moon and your Priestess?
  3. How will you work with moonstone?

Blessed be to you and yours