Black Magick

Black Magick

Witchcraft is neither black nor white. Witchcraft is a religion that respects Mother Nature and She is neither completely positive or completely negative, this is the same for witches.

However this statement is even widely debated amongst witches!

Those who choose to follow the Wiccan creed believe that whatever they put out there will come back x three. Wiccan witches Will never cast a spell aimed to manipulate another person’s intention.

However, other witches that do not follow the wiccan creed have no problem in casting spells, and will use other tools to for self protection.

This is where the terms “black witch” and “white witch” start to be defined. From that point, some witches will feel comfortable casting love spells with menstrual blood to collecting goofer dust and causing unspeakable events.

In my opinion – “Do No Harm”, is just an opinion. If I don’t protect me first by doing harm to another, they may do harm to me first!


Black Magic Love Spells


Black magic love spells do exactly what you would expect a love spell to do, they ensure the person you have cast a love spell over is well and truly under your spell, deeply in love with you, and worshipping the very ground you walk upon. Black magic love spells are bewitching, forceful, controlling, tantalising and powerful.

Unfortunately because black magic love spells are misunderstood and incorrectly thought to be dangerous and evil many people go to white witches first, only once they experience failure – due to white witchcraft being unable to hold enough power to correct their troubles, do they start feeling really desperate and contact black magic love spell witches like myself, Therefore, it does mean I get clients coming to me with very tough cases, but that doesn’t worry me in the slightest as black magic love spells can and will solve any love problems.


Black Magic Spells

These are black magic spells that can be used for positive intentions, especially when it comes to love spells as they can be extremely effective and powerful.


Black Magick spell to bring back an ex

Black Magick Commitment Spell

Black Magick spell to keep your partner faithful

Black Magic Spell to Remove Problems

Black Magick Break Up Spell

Black Magick Spell to Make Someone Love You

Spell to break up a relationship and return your partner



Frequently Asked Questions

I am scared of black magic?
I do understand, black magic has a reputation for being dangerous, but I am not going to cast dangerous spells. I use a lot of protection during my spell casting, I also consult my guides. Nothing backfires unless anyone make an error – this is equally true for white magic as well as black magic. My guides stop me from making any errors.

How long do results take?
It varies from case to case. Once cast your spell your results are destined and your spell will work as fast as it can. There’s no way of guaranteeing how long results will take, they should be fast, or within a reasonable length of time. Full results are of course different to partial results; partial results often appear before full results as a situation changes, therefore results can be over a period of time, rather than altogether. Furthermore, sometimes changes are taking place in someone’s mind, but there’s no way you can know that until you witness the person in question treating you differently.

What happens if my spell fails?
There’s nothing that can stop it from working, unless a client sabotages their situation by adding new elements to it, for example getting involved in a bitter argument and saying things that should not be said. Once a spell is cast it should be left to work, not interfered with.

My Opinion

Here is my advice even though you won’t listen. Black magic works. Do you think all these people make the money from the secret and from the law of attraction if this stuff didn’t work. It’s all based from the same principle, You attract what you put out there. The biggest problem with the spells, is that you will get what you ask for. It may not be instantly but when it does happen, for most of you, you won’t end up wanting what you wish for anymore!

For example, I hear this one all the time, “please black witch, I love my boyfriend so much if he would come back to me I would love him forever.”

I used to say –okay I’ll do the spell for you”

Six months later I hear back from the girl – “Black witch the most amazing thing happen, we got back together, but then I treated him like a real bitch, I couldn’t help myself, and I told him to get out of my life, but now I want him back again, can you get him to come back.”

Let me be straight with you  – most of you need to sort out your own problems first! Stopping being so dramatic! We all make mistakes but we don’t have to be mean to people. If you can’t be in a relationship and treat people well then don’t be in the relationship. If the universe, in all its glory, brings you and another being together, then respect and love each other. Then if something comes in between that love – you do whatever spell you need to do to ensure you keep your love strong.

Rant over. xoxo

BTW – Don’t be asking me to do any spells. Not for free, not for money. The reason why I’m going to all this trouble to put these spells on this page is for you to learn how to do it. Blessed be.