Magick Course

 Welcome to the

Wonderful World of Magick!

This is the real deal of learning the art of witchcraft. Even if you want to become a Witch, you must learn how to walk, before you can run.

Perhaps you do not wish to become Wiccan or a witch, but would like to understand the practice. You are welcome too. Learning the craft is a PROCESS, and requires practice.

This is not TV or a MOVIE where you say Abracadabra and stuff happens. We wish! You need to know what to do and WHY you need to do it. There are no short cuts my friend.

The process generally takes a few years and our courses are designed to take you on that journey.


Lady Hannah


BWC School of Witchcraft Year 1

BWC School of Witchcraft Year 2

BWC School of Witchcraft – Advanced


This course will be presented in 2 formats:

  1. Self taught
  2. Online Virtual Classroom (Monthly Live Meet Ups)


  • Year 1 & 2 – $99 per year
  • Advanced – $199

***Stay updated***

We are still finalizing lesson plans and videos. Please ensure your name is on our mailing list, so you can be informed when these classes are ready for intake.

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2_Goddess and Gods of the Witches_2D 2_Goddess and Gods of the Witches_3D 3_Ceremonial Basics_2D 3_Ceremonial Basics_3D 4_Magical Tools & Clothing_2D 4_Magical Tools & Clothing_3D 5_Magical Skill Development_2D 5_Magical Skill Development_3D 6_The Moon_2D 6_The Moon_3D 7_The Solstices_2D 7_The Solstices_3D 8_Equinox_2D 8_Equinox_3D 9_Imbolg and Beltane_2D 9_Imbolg and Beltane_3D 10_Lughnasadh and Samhain_2D 10_Lughnasadh and Samhain_3D 11_Black Magick Theory 1_2D 11_Black Magick Theory 1_3D 12_Dedication and Initiation Ceremonies_2D 12_Dedication and Initiation Ceremonies_3D Traditions & Beliefs_2D_Fix Traditions & Beliefs_3D_fix