Affiliate Marketing Program Documentation

Learn How the Affiliate System Works

What’s an Affiliate Program?

In a nutshell, an affiliate program motivates third party marketers (fellow authors, bloggers, online communities, specialty online bookstores, professional affiliate marketers) to promote your Smashwords books. If they drive a buyer to your book, they earn an 11% fee. If you want to read a more detailed explanation of how *other* affiliate programs work, read this overview at Wikipedia:

Smashwords Affiliate Marketing Program Signup

Earn Commissions Simply By Linking Book Buyers to the BWC School of Witchcraft Smashwords eBooks

Advantages of the Smashwords Affiliate Marketing Program

  • Generous commissions of 11% or more of the net sales price
  • Easy to participate
  • You receive commissions on all purchases within a 48 hour period
  • Your customers have over 30 ebooks to choose from

Who’s Eligible to Enroll?
Anyone over age 18 is eligible. The program is ideal for:

  • bloggers
  • authors
  • publishers
  • website operators
  • online communities
  • book enthusiasts
  • online specialty bookstores
  • professional affiliate marketers

How to Enroll
Enrollment is easy as 1-2-3

  1. Review the important Smashwords Affiliate Marketing Program Terms of Service.
  2. Confirm your agreement to the terms below.
  3. Click “I agree” below and you’re in!

Affiliate Agreement
By clicking “I agree” below:

  1. You represent you have read and agreed to the Smashwords Affiliate Marketing Program Terms of Service.
  2. You agree to conduct your marketing with the highest degree of ethics and professionalism, per the Terms of Service.
  3. You agree violations of the TOS may result in forfeiture of all accrued commissions.
  4. You warrant you are at least 18 years of age.
  5. You warrant you are authorized to enter into this affiliate marketing agreement with Smashwords on behalf of the Internet properties through which you will promote Smashwords ebooks.
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How You Can Create Affiliate Links

There are three ways to create affiliate links.

Option 1: Ask for us for a copy of our affiliate links for your blog or website.

Option 2: As an affiliate, you simply append the text, “?ref=yourScreenName” at the end of any web address (web addresses are also called URLs). To locate your screen name, click to your My Smashwords page, and look in the web browser address bar. You’ll see an address where the last characters after “…view/” are your user name. “”

Once you locate your screen name, you can append it to links to the Smashwords home page, any author or publisher page, any book page, and any category or sub-category of books. You can even link to free books (while there’s obviously no commission on a free book, by offering links to free books you’ll drive traffic to Smashwords, and if the visitors purchase books while browsing Smashwords, you earn the commission).

To find the initial hyperlink, just go to the Smashwords home page, navigate to the link you want to promote, append your ?ref=yourScreenName code, and then that’s the link you’ll use.:


Example 1. Link to the Smashwords home page

Example 2. Link to Publisher page for Smashwords publisher, Excessica:

Example 3. Link to Book page for the Smashwords Book Marketing Guide (even though this is a free book, it’s one of our most popular books and if some clicks to this book, then purchases another book, the affiliate gets credit)

Example 4. Link to Literary best-sellers under 25,000 words

Example 5. Link to Fiction books

Option 3: When you visit the Smashwords website while logged into your affiliate account, you’ll see links at the bottom of such pages, which you may copy and paste onto your own website, blog, etc.


The Cookie Clock

When anyone clicks on that URL, which you’ll add to your blog, website and other online promotional locations, Smashwords instantly recognizes that that customer came from you. Smashwords deposits what’s called a “Cookie” into the user’s browser, which helps the site give you credit for their purchases. The cookie expires after 48 hours. The cookie’s clock resets if the user clicks on your link again, or disappears if the user clicks on another affiliate’s link before the 48 hour period is completed.


How Earnings are Calculated

As an affiliate, you receive a minimum of 11% of the net proceeds from the sale of participating books. “Net proceeds” = (the book’s selling price minus the PayPal processing fee)*.11


Tracking Affiliate Click-Throughs and Earnings

Affiliate earnings are listed in your Sales & Payment history, available via the link on your Dashboard. (The bonuses will be listed as “Referral bonus for Book Title by Author”.)

Affiliates are paid on the same quarterly schedule as we pay authors and publishers. To qualify for payment, your accrued balance must equal USD $25.00 or more.

You may also see how well your affiliate links to Smashwords are working by clicking the “View Affiliate Hit Report” on your Account page.


To sign up as an affiliate marketer, first read the Smashwords Affiliate Marketing Program Terms of Service. Next, visit the Affiliate Marketing Program Signup Page.

 BWC School of Witchcraft Affiliate Program Books

 Listed Price

 Your Affiliate %

A Rite of Passage. Second Degree $2.97USD 11
Astrology, Part 2. Year 2 in BWC School of Witchcraft. $2.97USD 11
Astrology, Part One. Second Degree Witchcraft $1.97USD 50
Celebrating the Cycle of Human Life – Year 2. A Wiccan Themed Series. $3.97USD 11
Ceremonial Basics Reader Sets Price 11
Ceremonial Witchcraft: Essential Daily Rituals for a Magickal Life $7.97USD 50
Crystal Craft – Year 2 in BWC’s School of Witchcraft $2.97USD 11
Dedication and Initiation Ceremonies. $3.97USD 11
Divination – Second Degree Witchcraft $3.97USD 11
Esbats and Moon Magic $3.97USD 11
Exploring the Planes of Life. Year 2 at BWC School of Witchcraft. $2.97USD 11
General Beliefs, Practice & History. First Degree Witchcraft $3.95USD 11
Goddess and Gods of the Witches. First Degree Reader Sets Price 11
Herbs and Herbal Preparations. Second Degree $4.97USD 82
Magical Tools & Garb. First Degree $2.97USD 11
Psychic Powers. Year 2 in BWC School of Witchcraft $2.97USD 11
Sex and the Great Rite – Year 2 in BWC School of Witchcraft $2.97USD 11
Spiritual Warfare. Master the Power of Your Thoughts $9.95USD 50
Studying Further the Art of Magic $2.97USD 11
The Art of Magic. First Degree $1.97USD 11
The Greater Sabbats: Imbolg and Beltane. First Degree $3.97USD 11
The Greater Sabbats: Lughnasadh and Samhain. First Degree $2.97USD 11
The Kabbalah and Magic – Year 2. BWC School of Witchcraft. $2.97USD 11
The Lesser Sabbats: The Equinox. Mabon & Ostara. $3.97USD 11
The Lesser Sabbats: The Solstices. First Degree $1.97USD 11
Wiccan Beliefs about the Levels of Being. First Degree $0.99USD 11
Witchcraft Second Degree. Wiccan Themed. $29.97USD 82
Witchcraft: First Degree. Wiccan Themed $19.23USD 50

BWC School of Witchcraft Affiliate Program