“Witchcraft is more than just a practice, it is a way of life. A way of looking at the physical and spiritual as a collaborative source of manifestation.
We are in tune with nature, in tune with ourselves and in alignment with our all-knowing inner witch.”

BWC is a real and working coven. The Coven was started in Las Vegas, USA and currently has 13 members. The school shut briefly in 2013 when we lost our beloved leader and Goddess.

Members of the BWC are from various schools of practice. We come together to share our ways in respect and unity.

Each year our coven travels to a country or place of spiritual significance. We join with spiritual leaders in that community to further our knowledge and practices, and pass the information along to our school members.

Our online school is our way of sharing our experience. The school is run by members of the coven.

Our site has seen many changes over the years, as we adjust to technology.

Blessed be to all.

Online Teachers & Coven Members

Our coven has only 13 members.

  1. High Priestess Gloubess – Coven High Priestess.
  2. Black Witch S
  3. Janika – Our Voodoo Witch & current spell caster. From Africa, she learned her craft from the heart of Voodoo Magick. She is a 3rd generation Voodoo Spell Caster.
  4. Lady Hannah – Loves White Magick, and follows Wiccan Law.
  5. Lady Dawn – Pagan through and through. A major contributor to our courses and online body of knowledge.
  6. Jessica – Witch & Admin
  7. David– Coven member.
  8. Scott–  Coven member.
  9. Edwin-Witch (Master)
  10. Damian -Witch
  11. Silvana – Witch
  12. Lena – Cards
  13. TBA – Oct 2015

RIP Goddess Devine -Passed away 2013

Black witch S & Janika will start a Black Magick website in mid 2015 to stop the confusion to those who are new to magick and earth religions.

www.blackwitchcoven.com for black magick interests

Types of membership

There are five types of membership recognized in BWC:

  • Pre-First Circle – those who have only basic knowledge of Witchcraft and who will be typically registered for an introductory course in BWC
  • First Circle – in which a knowledge of 2nd year witchcraft skills must be demonstrated;
  • Second Circle – in which a higher degree of knowledge and signing of the oath of practice are required;
  • Third Circle – in which an independent project has determined a “higher level” of Devotion to a “Path” of BWC; and
  • Clergy – Our version of ordained ministers.

NOTE: We had closed our online coven membership after the passing of Goddess Devine on 2013. We hope to being a NEW ONLINE COVEN by mid 2015. Make sure you join the mailing list for notification and updates.

Core Beliefs

Intellectual responsibility is one of our highest goals, and we do not compromise on the educational requirements for our members. BWC does not teach how to turn your significant other into any type of reptilian or amphibian form, and focuses on the laws of the elements rather than the trappings thereof organized religion. There are plenty of places that will teach you where they think you should put your athame.

Our code includes:

· Respect for Nature and all its creatures

· Honor (as defined by the community)

· Truth

· Service to the Community

· Loyalty to friends, family, and local community

· Hospitality

· Justice

· Courage