Looking for a change appearence spell? Perhaps you want bigger boobs, or entice another?

I’m sure we have movies like The Craft and shows like Charmed to thank for this question 🙂 

Spells don’t change physical appearances. Glamour spells don’t work like that; glamour spells don’t change you physically, they merely change an outsider’s opinion of you in regards to physical appearance. 

I am a witch that uses glamour spells, and I  can get anyone to think I’m beautiful but it doesn’t change my physical appearance. 

Magick works slowly and in tune with nature. It isn’t natural to physically change your appearance. 

The only way to accomplish that feat is to pay for a plastic surgeon. 
Try your luck with this simple change appearance spell. 
You need:
•1 pink candle

This spell is to give the illusion of a change in appearance.

 Recite the following words while looking into the flame of a pink candle:
“Blazing fire As you dance

Call upon My sacred glance.

Call upon My second sight 

Give me (fill in what you want) 

With your light. 

Blazing fire Shinning bright 

Give me now My second sight.”