A Ten Point Magical Key

You can expect a good deal of success in magic and the ability to produce literally life changing results (if that is what you want) by following the ideas in this plan consistently.


  1. Before magical practice can begin in earnest it must be possible for the practitioner to be able to meditate for one whole minute without the mind wandering. Without this most basic of skills little true success can be expected.


  1. Realize that magic is part of a strategy; it is a very important constituent but that is all. With only flour you can’t bake a cake.


  1. Set intentions very carefully. They must be things that carry a deep conviction and are driven by absolute determination. They should be visualized strongly and in detail.


  1. Never ever wish harm on another. Always bear in mind the Wiccan Rede: “An’ it harm none, do what thou wilt.”


  1. Make sure any magic you do for others has their consent.


  1. Review intentions and strategies regularly. Change things that don’t work and try something else. Keep a record of what works and doesn’t. Remain flexible but stay focused on the intention if you still believe in its validity. Remember -often to achieve something large, lots of small steps must be taken.


  1. Start small; practice magic to achieve little things to start with and allow confidence to grow.


  1. Experiment with a variety of ways of making magic. Find which ways suit best. Trial and error can only be used here.


  1. Study the Kabbalah, Astrology, Alchemy and herbs. All can be used to build up a knowledge base of correspondences which will be very helpful in all kinds of magical work.


  1. Give thanks to the Goddess and the God when the desired results are achieved.


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