Smiles of Fortune


Light the pathway of my feet

With the golden luck

In all I tread let me find glory

Feats great and small send me the blessing

So that I may always come out full-handed

Luck of Life


Clover blossom within me

Spirits comfort me

Give me the little things

That make my life supreme!



Happy are the days when the universe sends me the unexpected!


I love the signs in clouds, the surprise coin, the friendly gesture, and the extra days of summer!


Bring to me the great gifts of the luck!

Luck in Games of Chance


The prowl of luck encompasses me

The show of the hand, spin of the wheel, tumble of the dice

Magic and enchantment wrap around me

Give me the greater chance above all others!

The house diminishes in my reign of Lady Luck!




Wheel of Fortune


Rally round me all tokens of luck

Charm the odds in my favor

That games of chance will become

Games yielding greater coin

Amazing Stirring


To know only the great things
To find only the fruitful treasure


Little seeking and greater eyes

Find me the way to future fame


Riches and luck follow me

That no matter what I may do


I will find the best of those around me

And will have a better life for it.


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