Wishes of Love


Hear my plea Aphrodite and grant me my wish of Love’s still waters

I ask you that you listen with intent and tender ears so that you will understand my asking

It is a wish of amazing love’s life that I ask of you

Please bestow this wish upon me, grant me my heart’s desire!


(Speak your wish)


Thank you Aphrodite, I am humbled by your greatness!

Grant Wish of Life’s Dreams


Hear my dream Allah and know it is my true heart’s desire

I have a wish inside of my heart that grows with each passing day!

Please grant me my heart’s desire and make it a dream come true

It is a pure and loving wish that I ask be granted!


(Speak your wish)

Conjure of Wish


See the power of my magic

Grant this wish I hold up to you!

It is the wish that will circle the realm and return fulfilled!

(Speak your wish 3 times)

I will hold you to this wish that it be granted!



This wish is asked upon the request of another (speak name of person you are asking wish for)

I come on their behalf to show their true and noble heart

Grant this wish that they may be enriched and enlivened by its prophetic fulfillment

Open the doors so it may become a part and ever-growing event of their life

I ask this wish be granted Allah because my heart and intentions are pure!

(Speak wish)