Vision of the Third Eye


The secret lying between my eyes

Knows the realms of the spirits


Seeing always into the future

Known to myself and the spirits surrounding


Magic and power reside between them

Only my third eye can share their powers


Open the doors, open the realms

Share the powers, share the magic


Show me through this portal what lies within

My purpose, my destiny, my divination.

Day Awakening


Burst forth the sun, her billowing rays

Send her blessing of revealing

The day and its secrets uncovered through her


The visions of what once has happened

Of what will come to pass

For myself and those whom I seek divination for


Grant me the visions of day

Through waking dream show me

The past, present and future.

See Future


That awaits me reveal to me now!

Show me what lies ahead so I can make ready

Reveal the destined path of my life

So I know what comes!

Once Lived


This spirit passed

I wish to see their life

I want to see what others could not

Use the portals of the spirits

To open this gateway

Let no other pass than (say name of spirit)

I want to experience their life for myself!

Grant me the day or sleep visions of this asking!

Pandora’s Warning


All that escaped

I wish to use the powers of their enchantments

Show me what I will to know

Passage through time and immortal portals

I want to see this for my own eyes

Show it to me now!

(Speak a time you wish to see)

Elapse a sand count of 3,000

For the vision to subside at the last grain’s fall.

Visions in Manifestation


Show me a vision in every day

Miracles manifest in all that around me

I watch with amazed eyes as the powers of the universe develop

I would love to see a miracle reveal itself to me!

Psychic Showing


Universe open the portals to show me the visions of future life

Show me the events that will come to pass for (say yourself or person’s name)

I want to see what will transpire within destiny’s scroll

Reveal the future to me through your appropriate venue!


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