In this new series of posts, I will talk about how I use my tarot cards in readings for clients. I hope this will inspire you to be confident in reading the tarot, and believing in the cards you pull for yourself!


The guy I’m asking for is an ex friend I was in love with him at the time but he was not. I met him on my space 10 years ago, and it has been like 8 years since we don’t see each other. I got married around that time and I just disappeared from his life completely.  Not until December 2016 I started to talk to him on facebook. My married is almost over.  He had or has a girlfriend(I’m not sure at this point)a little over 2 month ago. A Witch  did a love spell on him she will re cast the spell so here my questions:

Is the love spell is already manifesting on him?

What is he feeling or thinking about me?

What does he really looks or love on a woman?

Thank you for taking the time to read it.



Is the love spell is already manifesting on him?

I pulled the Page of Swords.

In this card a man looks to the horizon for a woman to save. He is looking for his next relationship, in that sense, the spell is working. However, I don’t see that his eyes have fallen on your as that person, since there is not female presence in the card. So the spell is partially working.

About The Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is on a journey, seeking balance, integrity and strength. This card speaks to a need for mindfulness and honesty. When this Sword shows up, be prepared to face challenges that allow you to truly see who you are and what you are made of. The Page delivers this message: “Look at these challenges as opportunities to grow and expand into your highest Self.” Life is filled with surprises, and the way you handle or react to what comes your way is indicative of where you are on your path. The Page of Swords has come to remind you to find your center, your peace. To look at what’s in front of you with curiosity and ask, “How can this situation expand me and take me where I want to go?” Be playful with it, have fun. It is time for you to get grounded and connect to your heart, to your truth. The appearance of the Page of Swords suggests that you may be in your head too much. Try not to overthink things. Get perspective so you will be more aware and more able to move through whatever shows up. Be assured opportunity will arise for you to demonstrate that you can be the calm in the storm, the eye of the hurricane. Balance and integrity are key. The Page of Swords is also reminding you to speak your truth and do so with compassion. There have been many times when you keep your voice silent in order to avoid confrontation. However, to suppress your truth is to suppress yourself. You can speak from your heart with love, kindness and authenticity. It’s time. You may feel frustration with everything that is going on. You may feel like you have things coming at you from every direction. Remember to breathe, breathe slowly and deeply and pay attention to how this calms all your frustrations. Your breath is your bridge; it unites your mind, body and spirit. Use your breath to stay centered and you will be able to move through what seems like concrete roadblocks with greater ease.


What is he feeling or thinking about me?

I pulled The Fool.

The card shows a man about to walk off a cliff that he doesn’t see. It answer’s your question clearly, he’s not thinking of you. He’s not even very aware of you. You must make your presence known and felt to draw his thoughts to you. I would suggest reaching out to him and trying to rekindle an in-person relationship, even if it’s just friendship to start.

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There is a lightness to your emotions and thoughts which may either be the making of you or get you in a whole heap of trouble. There is a saying “Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread”. As you can see from the image on this card, Angels may well fear to tread where this Fool is headed… right towards the edge of a cliff without looking at where he is going. If someone is not treating you well, do to not approach them until they have started acting in a more grown up fashion. If you were to try opening communication and/or talks with them while they are showing up as the card of the Fool, you may find that you get yourself nowhere in a hurry with anything you wish to discuss. You will, more likely than not, find yourself more frustrated than when you first began the conversation. In fact, the Fool is totally focused on himself rather than anything around him. It may well be that he needs to learn his lessons along the way, before he wakes up and realises the problems he has caused for himself. On a more positive note, the Fool can represent a new beginning for you. One where you strive forward no matter what the risks, and with a bit more planning may find yourself landing firmly on your feet. If you feel like taking a chance, then this is the card for you, as it brings with it a sense of adventure and playfulness that will take you far. Just make sure you look where you are going.


What does he really looks or love on a woman?

I pulled the Page of Pentacles.

He is looking for someone who wants to be doted on and paid attention to. He is not looking to show her off, but just to be alone with her comfortably, and have her be available and willing to return his affections.

About the The Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles usually heralds in a new plan in your life. Is there something you have been wishing to put into motion that usually requires a bit of hard work? Is there a plan you have been thinking to put into motion that will benefit you financially? This Page shows the beginnings of that dream and the seeds being planted ready for it to take off. When this dream does take off it will flourish. There are minimum losses with the Page of Pentacles, as he tends to have all avenues covered due to the fact that he doesn’t like surprises. You may be accomplished in many areas of your life but want to learn something new, knowing it can take you far. If this is the case, do your homework in what you need to do next to take you forward along the new path you are thinking of pursuing. You can use your past skills and accomplishments to help you along the way or, you can do something which is totally new to you. There is money linked to the Page of Pentacles. It may be money you need to launch your new plan off the ground, or it may be money you are dreaming of making once things are properly in place and your vision becomes a reality. Either way it is nice to know that this money is sitting in your hands and you don’t have to go far to find it. This Page can also refer to a younger male at the beginning of his career. He is ready to learn, he is willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead and he is also wise enough to know that you need to put something away for a rainy day and not squander what you have.


I hope you enjoyed my reading. Let me know your thoughts!

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